Stay Cozy With Our New Broth Bar

Broth is a hot topic right now (pun intended). The only downside is the time it takes to make it. Beef broth takes about 48 hours, chicken broth takes 24, and fish 8. If you ask me, that’s a pretty long time to wait and I just don’t have the patience. That’s where our new broth bar comes in.

Our New Broth Bar

Our new broth bar is just like any other old (non-alcoholic) bar: you’ll choose from a number of broths and an even wider number of toppings. For the broth, we’ve partnered with Two Rivers meat – a family-owned, Pemberton-based business. You’ll have two choices: 1) Two Rivers’ beef broth or 2) our vegan organic mushroom broth.

You can enjoy the broth as is, or you can add a flavour boost and make it into a “latte”. Some flavours include: 

  • Citrus, basil, rosemary and thyme
  • Lemongrass, lime leaf, and cayenne

Then the toppings and add-ons. They add extra flavour, nutrients, and heartiness to give the broth that extra oomph. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Fat Bombs. A mix of cocoa and coconut butter. These keep your blood sugar stable and your tummy full.
  • Chaga and Cordyceps foam. This one is hard to describe but envision a savoury, slightly creamy flavour boost. You’ve just gotta try it, but all I can say is that this is our favourite. By far.
  • Broth salts (such as Himalayan, Nori, and sesame)
  • Dried mushroom powder

The end result is a warming, comforting, wholesome broth mix. Replace your morning coffee with it for a nutritious start to the day, add rice or noodles to make it into a heartier soup, or have it as a midday pick-me-up. Your body and mind will thank you.

^Note the Chaga and Cordyceps foam.

Some Bone Broth Health Benefits

Why is bone broth so popular, you ask? Health gurus far and wide praise it, and here’s why:

  • Relieves leaky gut. Bone broth helps seal leaks in your intestines and can relieve any food intolerances or indigestion.
  • Reduces anxiety. A healthy microbiome sends happy signals to the brain, which impacts mood, learning, and stress management. Broth improves your microbiome.
  • Protects joints. Bone broth is filled with proteins to help strengthen your skeletal system and give your body the materials it needs to rebuild connective tissue. If you’ve got joint pain, reach for a cuppa da broth.
  • Adds a healthy glow. It’s one of the world’s best sources of natural collagen, and we all know about collagen consumption for improved skin, hair and nail health. Drink bone broth for the most supple of skin.
  • Boosts immunity. It’s chock full of amino acids which help ward off illnesses – perfect for that guaranteed winter cold.

Mushroom Broth Benefits

If you’re not a meat eater or just feel like a veggie version, we also have our mushroom broth. Like bone broth, mushroom broth is cosy and boosts immunity, but other benefits include:

  • Excellent source of antioxidants. Mushrooms have been shown fend off free radicals and to reduce the risk of certain cancers, most notably prostate cancer.
  • Manage weight. Shiitake mushrooms (we use these!) have been shown to prevent weight gain because they contain a fibre that increases satiety. If you want a healthy weight management solution, mushroom broth might help.
  • Provides vitamin D. Not just the “happiness vitamin”, vitamin D also helps regulate immune function, brain function, and is important for bone health. Aside from the sun, mushrooms are one of the best natural sources of vitamin D, especially as a broth because of its bioavailability. Drink up!

Overall, broth is a nutrient-rich, comforting food that’s perfect for a reset. A broth bar saves you time and energy but keeps all the good stuff. We’re excited about it, and hope you are too! 

Outside of her role as a Social Media and Content Coordinator, Carli enjoys exploring the local BC trails, spending time with loved ones, and fawning over any dog she lays eyes on.

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