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 The Team

Pleased to meet you! What started with a small seed of passion has grown into a community of dedicated chefs, foodies, and health-nuts. We are seriously really into healthy living and delicious food. You might even call us fanatical. But don’t worry, we’re just as zealous about sharing our passion, and we do so by curating delicious, quality, fresh ingredients to craft tasty and healthy meals you will enjoy. We work with highly experienced and creative chefs, and all of our meals are produced locally in state-of-the-art commercial kitchens, meaning your meals are prepared with expertise, love, and care.

Danyell Jensen

Operations/Compliance Manager of Be Fresh

Danyell is the Operations/Compliance manager for Be Fresh. She comes with a hospitality and training background with a fine eye for customer service detail.  She will be your point of contact for any customer service needs or questions/comments about your Be fresh experience.  She loves to find solutions not problems. Her role is creating and implementing new training for each store to unify the Be Fresh brand but still focusing on each stores individual flare.  She is an avid traveler with a love for the outdoors. Her ideal day is spent climbing a mountain taking in mother nature. You can often find her exploring BC on the weekends. With her love of people and strong customer service she will provide you with the answers to your questions, hopefully.

p: 604 209 8223

Alaina Jacobsen

Store Manager | Be Fresh Organic Acres

Alaina is the manager of our quaint Main Street location, Organic Acres. She has worked in produce and organic grocery most of her adult life and can’t tear herself away. She has a passion for making fresh, organic produce available to her community and finding the most sustainable way to do so. On her off time, she loves singing in the East Van Choir, camping anywhere off the beaten track, and cooking up delicious meals for her friends and family.



Rhian Bek

Be Fresh YMCA & Bentall Store Manager

Originally from the UK, Rhian was drawn to Vancouver’s active outdoor lifestyle and Be Fresh perfectly complements the healthy community feel she has grown to love. Through studying Ecology at University, Rhian has a passion for nature and can often be found exploring the local islands, mountains and valleys of BC’s coast. As manager of YMCA and Bentall cafes she enjoys interacting with downtown regulars and feels she is in a perfect position to help implement sustainable business initiatives – so feel free to reach out with ideas!



Ashley Sugar

Store Manager | Be Fresh Cypress

Ashley is the Store Manager for the Cypress market, our bustlin’ flagship located by Kitsilano Beach. With a passion for food, story-telling & visual merchandising she is the go-to person when curating those epic in-store displays. Looking to join the team or bring in a local product to Be Fresh? She’s the one to talk to. On the weekends you can find her foraging for juniper berries at her cabin in the Caribou, perfecting secret curry recipes from India or pickling just about anything.



Laura van der Veer

Director of Community

Laura is the Director of Community at Be Fresh. She’s an enthusiastic soul who’s always down for a chat. Laura is THE one to talk to for anything regarding building community with the help of Be Fresh! In an alternate universe, she’s singing and dancing with Gene Kelly back on the set of Singing in the Rain (she can’t dance in this universe, unfortunately). She’s a traveler at heart, and her goal is to explore at least 75 countries in the world. She is known for her contagious energy and zest for life. Her team often describes her as the heartbeat of Be Fresh.

p: 604 626 9863

Nicole Esligar

Community Engagement & Events Coordinator

Nicole is your go-to, one-stop shop for all things community outreach and engagement in the Be Fresh world.
As a passionate believer in the power and importance of community, her mission is to help connect new and innovative ideas, partners, events, and ideas with our Be Fresh cafes and markets. If you are doing rad things in your community and want to invite Be Fresh along for the ride, or if you have a great idea for a community event or partnership, pop into her inbox and say hello.


Adrienne Uy

CFO at

Adrienne is the Chief Financial Officer at SPUD. Don’t contact her unless you REALLY have to. Okay, no, but seriously, only ask her regarding corporate accounts or financial businesses. But she might not respond because she has an undying love for whiskey to handle her life as an adult baby sitter. When she laughs, the whole office can hear her, and she loves to play mean pranks. Watch out.


Jason Wong

Kitchen Production Manager

Jason is the Production Manager at Be Fresh. He is the brain behind costing, food development, and product control of everything under the Be Fresh Local Market brand. Although you’ll rarely find him wearing colours—his closet is basically “Fifthy Shades of Black”—his work ethic is anything but dismal. He’s on a streak of having worked over 6500 days without having missed a single day of work. He’s a firm believer in leadership, and lives by the words “To Create. To Inspire. To Succeed.”


Keith Aikman

The Be Fresh Juice Ambassador

Keith is the Production Lead at Juice Box. Contact him for any information on Juice Box juices, cleanses, etc. Or looking to be a part of the Juice Box team? He’s the guy to talk to. If he doesn’t answer your call or return your email, he’s probably busy biking somewhere right now. Or hitchhiking across Canada. That actually happened. Ask him about it.

p: 604 568 5977

Peter Van Stolk

CEO of & Be Fresh

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