Holy Fudge! Our New Chocolate Spread, Inspired by Addie

Ever think of eating chickpeas and chocolate together? Now before you go all “ew!” on us, hear us out. Think about it: chickpeas are mild in flavour and contain protein and nutrients. Cocoa powder makes it chocolatey and masks the chickpea flavour. Coconut milk and tahini add creaminess, and a touch of cane sugar sweetens it up. It’s basically a healthy chocolate spread – chocolate lovers rejoice!

We developed this spread for our friend Addie. When she was younger, her parents wouldn’t let her have sweet treats. Yep, you heard it: no ice cream, no chocolates, no Nutella. Addie started craving them more. To an extent this is normal – most children have a natural affinity for sweet treats – but with Addie, it became a problem. Any chance she got, she’d sneak the sweet stuff behind her parents’ back. The more her parents cut her off, the more she’d want it. She started to develop cavities, her energy became off the wall, and her relationship with food was all messed up. With Holy Fudge  – a low-sugar treat with good-for-you ingredients – parents have no reason to withhold the chocolatey goodness their kids crave, and everyone can indulge their sweet tooth in a healthy way.

How do you eat Holy Fudge?

There are a number of ways to enjoy it:

  • Spread the chocolatey goodness on toast for a healthy snack or breakfast
  • On crepes for brunch
  • In a chia pudding for a midday snack
  • Dip strawberries, apples, or your fruit of choice in it
  • Enjoy with crackers
  • As a chocolate pudding for a light dessert (it’d be especially yummy mixed with coconut whipped cream and some berries)
  • Alone by the spoonful (our personal favourite)

Find our new creamy spread at any of our Be Fresh locations. We hope you, your friends, and your kids enjoy it as much as Addie does.

Outside of her role as a Social Media and Content Coordinator, Carli enjoys exploring the local BC trails, spending time with loved ones, and fawning over any dog she lays eyes on.

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