Food For Thought From Sport Psychology Coach Michelle Newton

Have you ever asked yourself, “what is my relationship to food?”  We know certain truths about food, yet we sometimes feel powerless over our food choices.  We know that sugar and processed foods do not support wellness.  And we know that real foods such as vegetables, fruit and whole grains are good for us.  Yet, despite our knowledge we continue to consume foods that we know are detrimental to our health and wellbeing.


One of the reasons for our poor food choices is our belief systems and how these relate to food. These belief systems were formed during adolescence, and quite simply they act like the operating system of a computer.  They kick in during moments of stress, anxiety, anger, or frustration.  In a sense, the individual goes on autopilot and their freedom of choice disappears.


So, reflect on your earliest childhood memory of food.  It may have been the warm smells of Thanksgiving or a family get together, or being told to finish what is on your plate.  In that moment, you gave food a certain meaning and your belief system was formed.  For some, the meaning of food is “food is fuel”, for others they relate to food as “comfort.”  Ask yourself, “what meaning do I give food?”  If the meaning you give it allows you to make healthy choices than great, conversely if your meaning disempowers you, than by identifying this you are on your way towards healthier food choices.  Know that in every moment we are in charge of how we relate to food.  If your interpretation of food is not serving you, it is up to you to change it.  Want that chocolate bar? Have it if you really want it, but if you want it because you are triggered or reacting to a situation than take a pause.


If we want to direct our lives, then we must take conscious control over our beliefs.  Got any questions, we’d be happy to answer them.


About Michelle Newton

Michelle is a sport psychology coach working in Vancouver.  Together with a holistic nutritionist she facilitates 5 week Eating Right Programs. She is a homeopath, competitive athlete and

Co-author of  the book, “Success Stories, Profiles of Canada’s Top Coaches.”






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