Questions or wholesale enquiries?

Yes. All of our ingredients are 100% organic and they always will be.

If kept cold, our juices should stay fresh for up to 4 days.

During a cleanse we will deliver 3 days worth of juice at a time.

Yes. At a checkout we offer a pickup option for 7 days a week at 3 locations, usually between the time window 9-5pm. If you need a special time, please e-mail or call Customer Care to schedule a time and day.

Delivery is free (minimum order amount applies) on a set day Monday to Sunday every week, depending on where you live.  Home delivery hours are from 9am-9pm. Please check SPUD Delivery Areas.

We deliver every day except Saturday. Home delivery hours are from 7-10pm.

Unfortunately not. Once a juice is delivered to you there are no refunds. We have all of our ingredients listed on our website as well as a field during the ordering process which asks for any allergies. If there is a particular fruit or vegetable that you really don’t like, you may not like a juice that uses it as an ingredient.

You will get all the protein you need from the fruits and vegetables themselves. Protein is comprised of amino acids that come together to form protein strands. Our cleanses are formulated with a wide variety of ingredients and as a result you will have many different amino acids coming together to supply you with protein. The same way that a 400-pound gorilla eats nothing but leaves and greens, the perceived need for protein in our culture is over-exaggerated.

Ideally, for the two days prior eat as if you are making a gradual transition into a plant-based, liquid-only diet. If you can cut out animal protein and eat mostly salads and greens, with some organic grains, this is ideal. As many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can will also prepare your body for your cleanse.

COLD. Keep it in the fridge as much as possible and keep your fridge as cold as you can without damaging things like produce or freezing anything.

As with preparing, come off of a juice cleanse gradually. Have some fresh fruit for breakfast, maybe a salad for lunch and some soup or veggie broth for dinner. Slowly introduce cooked food.

Don’t drink alcohol. We don’t recommend drinking coffee, if you must or feel like you need something warm, drinking some herbal tea is ok.

Probably, but this is not the intention with doing a juice cleanse. We don’t recommend doing a juice cleanse for weight loss alone – we recommend doing a juice cleanse for the detoxifying and alkalizing effects. But yes, most people find that they do lose weight.

This varies from person to person. It really depends on your diet. If you are a vegan or if you eat meat in moderation and a large amount of vegetables your cleansing reactions will likely be less than that of someone who eats a lot of processed foods. But if you are someone who eats a lot of processed foods, that is ALL THE MORE reason to do a cleanse. Yes, you may feel tired or have a headache during your cleanse. This will pass as the toxins you have accumulated are expelled.

Yes, but rigorous exercise is not ideal and we don’t recommend it. If you are breaking a sweat, this really isn’t the type of exercise you want while cleansing. It strains the body and it’s systems and takes away energy that the body uses to process toxins. Try taking a long walk, doing some light yoga such as restorative or yin, or not exercising at all. Taking a 3-5 day break from the gym or hot yoga room is ok. The benefits you are getting by really letting your body rest are far greater than what you are missing out on by skipping your workout. Most importantly, get lots of sleep. This is where the deep cleaning really happens.

All of our individual vegetable and fruit juices are free of all dairy, gluten, and nuts as marked. They are all produced at the same kitchen as our nut milks.

You should consult your doctor prior to starting a juice cleanse if you are on medication.

Yes, you can. We understand that you may have to leave town and are unable to receive your weekly juice delivery as a result. We allow any time you are away to be put on hold in one week increments (Monday – Sunday) to you beginning once your subscription ends. Please email us at at least 24 hours in advance of the delivery date to be skipped.

Yes! If your business or company is interested in doing a juice cleanse we would be happy to offer you a custom quote based on your needs. Please email us at for a quote.

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