A Be Fresh Father’s Day Gift Guide

Wondering what to get Dad this year for Father’s Day? First, you’ve got to narrow it down to what he’s into. Does he like the outdoors? Is he a grill master? A foodie? We’ve got you covered. Here’s some inspiration for the various father-figures in your life:

A Be Fresh Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Outdoorsy Dad

Does your Dad love being outside as much as mine? If so, get him what he wants most: foods to fuel his activities. Here’s what I’m getting my outdoorsy dad this year.

  • Energy bars. We like SoLo GI or Clif.
  • COFFEE. Before the guy hits the woods, he’s gotta power up. Try our new coffee roasts! (Available in-store or online from SPUD.ca.)
  • Coconut water. The guy’s gotta rehydrate too!

The Grill Master

If your dad has grill gadgets galore (alliteration intended), get him something to grill! We’ve got no shortage of high-quality meats and rubs that will take your dad’s grilling to the next level. Here’s some inspiration for the grill master in your life.

  • Local & organic steak. Nothing better than a rare ribeye. 
  • Spices & rubs. He’s gotta dress up the steak with something!
  • A whole chicken. This might sound like a weird gift, but you won’t find it weird when dad whips up a mouthwatering beer can chicken for dinner. Deeelicious. 


The Foodie

Not only is my dad an outdoorsy dad, but he’s also a major foodie. Growing up, I’d always come home to elaborate dinners or various homemade dips and spreads. If you’ve got a foodie dad in your life, get him high-quality ingredients that he might not think to buy for himself:

  • Roasted Walnut Oil is the perfect luxurious ingredient you never knew you needed.
  • Maldon Sea Salt. This might seem like a strange gift, but foodies lose their minds over the soft crunchy sea salt flakes.
  • Gourmet hot sauce. Foodies love that extra kick.

All ingredients available in-store or online from SPUD.ca. Browse our stores for other Father’s Day gift ideas!

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