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Not only do we choose fresh and high-quality ingredients that are sourced locally and grown organically whenever we can, we also package our food with containers made of recycled plastic and compostable cardboard.


Whether you’re looking for a quick take-away or a comfortable dine-in experience, all of our locations are fully stocked with delicious and high-quality meals readily available for you to enjoy.


We believe that your health is priority, which is why our recipes are carefully curated with ingredients to benefit your body and mind. Forget the stress of having to scrutinize food labels. Let us be your nutritionists.





  • we use high quality ingredients that are sourced locally
  • our recipes are carefully curated with ingredients to benefit your body and mind and create well balanced healthy grab and go meals
  • 70 % of our produce is organic
  • all meat products are antibiotics free (grass fed lean beef, free range chicken, ground turkey, etc)
  • we are proud to serve ocean wise pacific sockeye salmon
  • all dressings, sauces, soups, spreads are house-made, from scratch
  • all soups are the yummiest GF and DF soups you have ever had
  • we committed to use sunflower oil instead of canola oil in all our dressings
  • fresh production every day Monday to Sunday right here in East Vancouver
  • our food is packaged in containers made of compostable cardboard or recycled plastic
  • every product goes through the very structured development process (including recipe writing, testing, nutritional analyses, etc) before it hits our shelves.
  • we carry a solid variety of products for every allergy, dietary restriction or preference so there is something for everyone (vegan, DF, GF, Soy Free, Nut Free, Egg free, Paleo, Pescetarian, etc)
  • our chefs play a game every morning before they start the day; whoever loses rolls out the turkey meatballs and shapes them into balls
  • we have monthly taste testing meetings to provide newness to your palettes
  • the box of sweet potatoes we use is labeled “Mr. Jumbo” and has a picture of a blue sweet potato; smoking, wearing sunglasses and a fancy hat!
  • you might feel some love from our meals because our chefs and kitchen staff sing their hearts out when they prep
  • we fight to spiralize the zucchini to create our “Organic Zoodles” because it can help tone your biceps
  • it takes only 5 seconds to smell like garlic when we are grilling tofu – not joking!
  • our Be Fresh office team consists of only 5x members (say what?!) They are the superstars who make things happen!
  • freezer is our best friend during the hot summer days and our worst enemy during the winter; it is like a blast chiller in there!
  • when in need of bananas to freeze to make our delicious smoothies, we sit in a circle and manually peel the bananas – this gives us a time to not only work, but bond as a team 🙂
  • our most fun dish is the “Chicken Milanese”; the shapes of the chicken can vary from a hippo to a raindrop!


Local Market.

We want to hear about your thoughts and suggestions.

For more than just great coffee, wholesome and healthy delicious food, the freshest produce,and most importantly awesome service from fun-loving staff, you have to go to Be Fresh in Kits! In a nutshell it's just awesome!

BeFresh is great. On top of the top mochas in the city, the place has a new spin on everything you could want and all kinds of tasty, interesting treats. The lemon squares are also the absolute best.

My mornings are never complete without stopping by my Be Fresh at Bentall for my favourite smoothies. The happy people and friendly service I recieve everytime make my experiences here nothing short of excellence. Health just the way I like it 🙂

be fresh is my 'go to' for morning coffee before starting work, and sometimes mid day wake up calls, on especially tough days i like to throw in a piece of erin irelands awesome banana bread. love having them in the neighbourhood.

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