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As we evolve our meal prep to incorporate more organic and local ingredients, and expand the retail division of our business throughout Vancouver, we wanted to create a new brand that more closely identifies with our core products, mission and vision.

At Be Fresh, we believe that food should be enjoyed and to fuel your body, which is why we only create meals with delicious and healthy ingredients. You have enough stress without having to navigate food labels, calories, vitamins, and nutrients—let us be your nutritionists and food delivery. Let us sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.


Our goal is to bring you meals that nourish your body and enrich your life. Food doesn’t have to just be about sustenance. It should be about creating flavours that cater to your preference. We bring you food that makes you feel full and fills you with confidence. We believe that your energy comes from what you eat, which is why our food is made with only the freshest, healthiest, and best ingredients. Our ingredients are carefully curated from local sources to complete our vision of creating relationships and building a community.


Be Fresh Local Market is proudly cultivated by SPUD. At SPUD, we are focused on creating relationships with amazing farmers, ranchers, fishermen/fisherwomen, bakers, and artisans to make it easy for you to have the freshest ingredients and amazing products delivered directly to your home or office.

We believe that food should be healthy, so we partner with local producers and farmers who you can trust: real people who have integrity, who respect our environment, who care about our community, who value sustainable farming practices and believe in the humane treatment of animals.

We select local ingredients from partners who care about your food and our environment.

We want to hear about your thoughts and suggestions.

I absolutely love what BeFresh has to offer!

BeFresh is great. On top of the top mochas in the city, the place has a new spin on everything you could want and all kinds of tasty, interesting treats. The lemon squares are also the absolute best.

My mornings are never complete without stopping by my Be Fresh at Bentall for my favourite smoothies. The happy people and friendly service I recieve everytime make my experiences here nothing short of excellence. Health just the way I like it :)

be fresh is my ‘go to’ for morning coffee before starting work, and sometimes mid day wake up calls, on especially tough days i like to throw in a piece of erin irelands awesome banana bread. love having them in the neighbourhood.

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