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Produce Box

Our weekly produce box is bound to add some jazz to your week. For $31, come pick up a variety of our utmost fresh, organic produce every Saturday or Sunday. We will post the weekly selection every Monday morning at 1030 am. Order before 8pm Thursday for weekend collection!

**New** Please arrive to pick up your produce box no earlier than 11:30am Saturday. Until then, we are busy assembling your boxes with only the freshest produce which arrives that morning. Thank you for understanding.

Pick Up January 26th-27th


Local Organic Ambrosia Apples- 1 lb

Organic Navel Oranges – 1 lb

Organic Tommy Atkins Mango – 1

Organic Bosc Pears – 1 lb

Organic Lemon – 1

Organic Red Leaf Lettuce – 1 bunch

Organic Green Kale – 1 bunch

         Organic Parsnips – 1 lb

Organic Sweet Potatoes – 1 lb

Organic Bulk Red Beets – 2 lb

Organic Avocado – 1

Organic Thyme Herbs – 1 clamshell

“Be Fresh” AquaFaba Chipotle Vegan Mayonnaise – 250ml

Sign up here to get your box!

Pick up & pay for your $31 Produce Box at the above location on the Saturday or Sunday after you place this order.

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