Produce Box

Our weekly produce box is bound to add some jazz to your week. For $31, come pick up a variety of our utmost fresh, organic produce every Saturday or Sunday. We will post the weekly selection every Monday morning at 1030 am. Order before 8pm Thursday for weekend collection!

PICK UP May 27-28

Nectarines x 3
Avocado x 3
Cantaloupe x 1
Red Grapes x .5 lb
Red Pepper x 1
Zucchini x 1lb
Grape Tomatoes x 1 pint
Red Leaf Lettuce x 1
Ginger x .5 lb
Carrots x 1 bunch
Rosemary x 1 Clamshell

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Pick up & pay for your $31 Produce Box at the above location on the Saturday or Sunday after you place this order.