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Holy Fudge Chocolate Spread

Inspired by Addie, let us introduce Holy Fudge Chocolate Spread. When Addie was a kid, his parents never let him eat sweets (fair enough!), but Addie was always envious of his friends who ate chocolate and ice cream as treats. This spread is dedicated to Addie: it’s a delicious sweet treat with good-for-you ingredients. It’s made of protein-rich chickpeas and heart-healthy coconut milk. It’s also got cocoa powder, which is rich in selenium, and tahini, which helps with liver detoxification. Lastly, it has a teensy bit of cane sugar and vanilla to sweeten it up and give it that undying flavour kids will love. Spread it on toast or dip fruit in it for a tasty and nutritious snack!

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Juicebox is bringing back their acclaimed Nog for this time of the year as it calls for holiday flavors and traditional recipes.

The Nog is sure a complete guilt free seasonal drink featuring our very own cashew milk, molasses, holiday spices and vanilla.

Get through the Holidays with a glass of The Nog or mix it with your favorite morning coffee and we guarantee it’s going to be liquid bliss!

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Be the Best You

Our soup cleanses, Morning Chi, Build & Restore and Spice Up your Heartbeet, are back to give you the kick start you need on this New Year’s health journey. The goal is to nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild and recharge.

Not only will you be getting a copious amount of flavor, but you are also sticking to the plan of detoxing and cleansing with ingredients selected that aid digestion and anti-inflammatory properties.

Order our specials to make a change now!

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Holiday Menu Features

Inspired by tradition, our 2017 Holiday Catering menu features classic flavors and new dishes that will bring the warmth and joy of the season to your taste buds and belly.

Create an event to remember with own unique menu tailored to your guest’s tastes, dietary restrictions and your budget.