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why be fresh?

• healthy meals thoughtfully curated by our nutritionists
• no commitment! Start and stop when you like!
• free delivery for 3 set days a week

Eating local & mostly organic, healthy meals, has never been so convenient.


Choose the plan that fits most to your lifestyle, dietary restrictions or preferences.


All meals are prepped in-house using local and 70% organic ingredients, then delivered to you fresh.


Enjoy your meals. They are ready in less than two minutes.


• meals to fit different lifestyles, preferences or basic dietary restrictions
• pre-portioned serving sizes with right balance of lean protein, fresh vegetables and  quality complex carbs
• the decisions are made for you, so it is our fastest plan to order!



• meals thoughtfully curated by our nutritionists and picked for you
• a more customizable choice not only for athletic, diabetic, low carb diet constraints, etc
• access to our exclusive Premium Plan meals


• no restrictions, no specifications, a free for all menu
• pick whatever your heart desires for 1 or as many days as you want!
• your meal plan doesn’t need to be curated for ultimate goals;
you just want to add a meal or two or order a whole bunch for the entire family to make your life more convenient with healthier choices
• min order of $75 applies

You might be wondering…

What do I need to know before I order?

Nothing! Except that you will be receiving freshly prepared and nutritious meals made right here in East Vancouver.

You can still call us 604-568-5977 or email us

Do I get to choose my meals?

Yes and no, as it all depends on which plan you choose. Mix & Match Plan allows you to choose your own meals while we take care of your meal selection for the Be Fresh SMART & PREMIUM Plans.

Are the meals frozen?

Never! Our meals are prepped fresh everyday so your body gets the most nutrition out of them.

Are the meals pre-portioned?

Yes! The meals are already pre-portioned and nicely plated in our containers so all you have to do it reheat and serve. Simple!

Where do I find the nutritional information and ingredients?

All nutritional information and ingredients can be found on our website under the weekly Meal Delivery menu.

Where does your produce and proteins come from?

Cultivated by SPUD, Be Fresh has created trusted relationships with suppliers and growers of high quality ingredients; including organic, natural foods, and purchasing locally as often as possible.

How are your vegetables and proteins prepared?

Our veggies and proteins are 90 %  oven roasted with remaining 10% being steamed, boiled or sauteed. Never fried! So if you ever come for a visit, do not expect to find a deep fryer machine 😉

How many different meals do you offer?

We offer Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for all our meal plans. As studies suggest that having mid-day snacks are beneficial to the body, we can add a mid-day snack, evening snack or even fresh pressed cold organic juices to your plan as well!

How long do the meals stay fresh after the delivery?

Meals will be fresh three days from the delivery date. And don’t worry, the delicious taste will not disappear whether you eat it on Day 1 or Day 3!

How do you keep the meals fresh for me before I eat them?

Our meals are prepped fresh daily in the morning before delivering them to you in the evening. Once assembled, meals are stored in the fridge until we pack them into the insulated bags and transfer them to your home/office in refrigerated vehicle.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! Not only are they recyclable, but the pulp containers that hold our salads, are compostable as well. We try our best to go eco-friendly and wish to create a trend in which others will follow. GO GREEN!

When do you deliver?

Please welcome our delivery driver with a big smile anytime after 7PM during the evenings on SUNDAY, TUESDAY and THURSDAY.

Do I have to be at home to receive my delivery?

Yes, if you are only getting less than 7 days of service. With our weekly plans and subscriptions your meals will be packed in coolers with icepacks to ensure to food safety procedures are followed. With your consent, we can leave it outside your door or at the concierge. Simply let us know!

Is it possible to order a sample day?

Of course! Our Mix & Match Plan allows you to order any combination of the meals from our weekly menu for 1 to as many days as you wish.

What if I do not like the selection you picked for me?

If what we picked for you is not your ideal meal, simply let us know and we can transition your plan to the Custom Plan where you tell us your preferences, dislikes, food group or to the Mix & Match where you are the one in charge! As long as you are happy, we are happy!

How do I heat up my meals?

Meals are served in reheatable containers. Simply place them in a microwave and 2 minutes later.. Done!!